We Are Not Missing


Parents who have been given court permission to move abroad with their children are repeatedly being branded as kidnappers by the very courts that gave them permission. Non custodial parents who cannot resolve issues regarding their children have resorted to returning to court in America and making outlandish claims about the custodial parent being "on the run" with the children, claiming that they "don't know where they are" and therefore are being granted default custody orders which serve no child centered purpose. They refuse to use the International treaties put in place to resolve issues over international borders but instead go to missing child organizations claiming that their children have been abducted, further alienating their children from them and hardening the stance of the falsely accused parent. In no way are these hard nosed methods of dealing with such delicate issues mean to resolve anything. They exist only to bully people into submission by fraudulently reporting children missing and branding good parents as kidnappers because they have chosen to live outside the US.  At face value it appears that there are a lot of international abductions on the books but if you look deeper into each case, you will find that the black and white approach of the organizations meant to protect children are actually putting them at risk by continuing to post their pictures and vital information, on posters and the internet, even when their location has been known to the complaining parent and all organizations involved from the outset.  In a NUTSHELL this constitutes FRAUD!


 Below is the response that I received from the NCMEC but first I would like to point out a few bits of information that have come to light recently.

Here is a link for an article in the St Petersburg Times regarding the Salaries of this "non profit" organization. You will be amazed at the 1.3 million  dollar salary, compensation and benefits that the CEO Ernie Allen earned over the last year.  You the taxpayer are paying for this while they continue to perpetrate Missing Child Fraud in over 400 of their cases. (as admitted by Mr Allen in this link http://ncmec.eu/page.php?Id=45&lang=en ). In these 400 cases, the location of the children are known to the accuser, the NCMEC and the authorities in both countries but the NCMEC is still advertising them as missing with no known location.  This fraud is taking valuable time and resources away from GENUINELY missing children by giving ex spouses with an ax to grind a platform to do so.   

How many "missing posters" will you look at now and wonder if you are being conned???

Take a look and see what you think...




After my interview with the BBC I was in contact with Lady Catherine Meyer of PACT.  Several e mails were exchanged and she contacted the NCMEC on my behalf, putting me in direct contact with the NCMEC.  My first e mail explaining my situation went out on September 22, 2009 with no response.  I resent the original e mail on October 2, 2009 and received this reply on October 6, 2009 :  


Ms. Uttley, 

I received your emails regarding Jacob and Halle Bobo, and the related communication from Lady Catherine Meyer. 

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children created a missing child poster based upon two distinct criteria:

1)      Law Enforcement’s formal report that the children are missing


2)      the issuance of a felony criminal warrant for your arrest.  

Both criteria remain active today, therefore our policy requires that the missing child poster remain on our website. I would encourage you to communicate directly with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas (870) 246-2222 to resolve the underlying basis for our poster.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance. 

Thank you,

Preston Findlay
Counsel, Missing Children’s Division
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
(703) 837-6012

As you can see from the response, the NCMEC criteria for information to be displayed on their web site requires proof of a warrant against the other person and a police report. How this warrant and police report are obtained is clearly not an issue to them which in itself is surely something that needs to be addressed. As my case shows a warrant and a police report can be fradulently obtained resulting in non abducted children's information being displayed on their site. I find it difficult to believe now being in possession of this information that I am the only case whereby the NCMEC has been used by unscrupulous individuals.

In conclusion, my details and my children's details remain on the NCMEC site for the foreseeable future or until they address this obvious flaw in their criteria. 

Here is my Response:

Dear Mr Findlay,
Thank you for your reply.  It is unfortunate that you only require a police report and a warrant in order for information to be included on NCMEC. As I have shown on my web site www.wearenotmissing.com warrants and police reports can be fraudulently obtained. I understand that because of your criteria that your hands are a bit tied on this matter but my case will show that with only a small amount of investigation that myself and my children's information should not be on your web site or on posters. After reviewing my site management tool it shows that only a very small portion of my web site was looked at by an ISP in Alexandria, Virginia and none of my legal documents were clicked on. Surely in a matter as serious as this, a bit more investigation should take place in order to keep innocent people's information from ever reaching the Internet and displayed on posters around the country.
It is a very sad day indeed that unscrupulous people feel the need to lie and are empowered by the courts and organizations such as yours when it is clear that their only goal is vicious attack on another individual.  It is even sadder when targeting that individual they are permitted and encouraged to use the images of innocent children to accomplish that goal.
A guilty person who actually abducted their children would not be contacting you and giving you all their personal information.  If I had actually abducted my own children I would stay well hidden from everyone. 
Contacting anyone in Clark County would be an exercise in futility as I have proved after $40,000 has already been spent on next to nothing.  Money that would have been better spent on two children who deserve much better than this.
Even though Mr Bobo seems to get everywhere with is half truths and lies, I will do whatever I can to get justice for my children and make sure that they know that I have fought my hardest for them. I will always give them the truth and as they already know truth doesn't always win but it builds character in them and a clear conscience whether or not the powers that be care to acknowledge it.
Luanne Uttley