We Are Not Missing

Mr Bobo's response from the Guest Book


This is my response to each and every point with links to Documentation when required. You may want to get a cup of coffee and make sure you are sitting comfortably because this is going to get quite lengthy.There is so much to address here but we will start with the most obvious:

    Mr Bobo writes:  "wow...pretty impressive..."   
Thank you  
♦  Mr Bobo writes:  "There's always two sides to every story... I never said the kids were missing...I never said they were abducted... I said you are holding the children's against court orders and in violation of United States Code."

Mr Bobo, You need to re read your comments on the missing children's sites.

On the Charley Project Site (
see Charley Project posters) is says FAMILY ABDUCTION and I quote " Jacob and his sister Halle disappeared from Arkadelphia, Arkansas on May 30, 2005. They were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Luanne Kay Bobo." Notice the words ABDUCTION and Abducted used. And they didn't DISAPPEAR from Arkadelphia Arkansas , they flew home from DFW airport on June 12th after a visit with you. I have the hand written copy you presented to the court clerk's office stating the dates when the children were with you (see Visit Dates)  and E Ticket  for their flights to and from the US (See May 2005 summer visit
Most importantly, I was not even in the US on that date where the children were supposed to have "Disappeared".

Oh and I must insert this.... The Charley Project Information says at the bottom of the last document, "Updated 3 times since October 12, 2004". So I can only conclude that information of them being "missing" has been posted on that site since October 2004 and if it has, then there has been intent all along to stage a Missing and Abducted children scenario!

And the NCMEC says FAMILY ABDUCTION (See NCMEC) "Circumstances: Halle and Jacob were allegedly abducted by their mother, Luanne Kay Bobo....They are believed to have left the country and travelled to the United Kingdom. (See Court Orders, custody)  ...The abductor has pierced ears.....Her nickname is Lu and she may use the last name Uttley." The words Abducted and Abductor were used here too. Yes we may have travelled to the UK cause that's where we have lived since 2001 (with your permission) and I just might be using the name Uttley because that has been my last name since 2001 when I was married in the UK and all court documents after that time use the name Uttley.

THV Interview starts out with INTERNATIONAL CHILD ABDUCTIONS and then ends with mention of a warrant issued for KIDNAPPING....




(I now have obtained a copy of that warrant and it does not mention kidnapping)

The TV station and these sites would NOT put any information on them that you didn't give them and as I noticed very recently the information on the Charley Project Site had changed. to read that I took them for a visit to England and didn't return them. Screen shots of both have been posted now which are completely contradictory.
(See Charley Project Posters)

Plus there are numerious AMBER ALERTS (
see Amber Alerts) issued for the children. Amber alerts are used for missing or abducted children and are posted on numerous web pages in an effort to locate the missing or abducted children. So if you say that they are not abducted or missing then why the nation wide AMBER ALERTS? 

Mr Bobo writes:  "I see where there is no mention of Halle and Jake's comments to the counselor ... I see where there is no mention of you refusing to allow or enforce communication with my son and daughter... "

Go back and re read the TIMELINE page for a mention of the counselor visit.
And yes I did encourage the children to either write or phone you so that they could personally tell you how they felt.  Jake wrote an e mail of which we were accused of writing that was mentioned on the HOME page and Halle was scared and didn't want to speak to you.  I cannot post the e mail exchange between you and your son because it is not a matter of public record.
♦  Mr Bobo writes:  "For the record... I was found to be behind on child support and was ordered to pay it... I did."                                                                             
In court on October 31st 2005, (See Order October 2005) your child support payments were adjusted to reflect your earnings at the time.  As is proper procedure in these cases, the new amount of child support payments is retro active back to the date the motion was filed which was November 2004.  This was not considered back child support, it was amending your child support payments. 
The back child support referred to in the motion for contempt dated November 2004 (See Contempt Nov 2004) was due to false dates presented to the court clerk's office about the duration of the children's visits to your home.  I have the hand written sheets that were signed by you that were presented to the court clerk's office about each visit and I also have the plane tickets and passport stamps to show when the children ACTUALLY visited.  The reason that this did not get addressed in court was due to the fact that the evidence was opposed, by your counsel, saying that the travel agent from England was not present to verify that the travel tickets were authentic and the judge actually agreed!  The issue regarding falsified visitation dates was what the back child support motion was all about. So therefore you did NOT pay the BACK child support as you stated.  You only paid the amended amount of current child support retroactively.  
♦  Mr Bobo writes:   "I filed for custody after you refused a visitation that was ordered by the court, and the matter of the discussion between the counselor and both Children."   
never refused visitation (See Christmas Visit 2004)  My only refusal was letting the children, one who was only 6 and Autistic/ADHD to fly alone on a transatlantic flight.  Even your attorney wrote a letter about how I refused to let the children fly alone. The counselor thing was addressed in Timeline....
♦  Mr Bobo writes:   "You failed to appear multiple times at court hearings, and found to be in contempt by the Judge (not me). We could have resolved many problems. These were the reasons the court awarded me custody of the children. And it is the reason you have felony warrants issued for you. I didn't issue the warrants... the judge that had supported you in so many hearings issued the warrants. "...   
Firstly, We could have resolved "many problems" with The Hague Convention because this is how people resolve problems relating to children and custody across international borders.
I was found in contempt because YOU went to court multiple times in Arkansas. Show me where I was served and my signature is on the receipt from when I was served. Also, everyone was educated about the Hague Convention (See Hague Convention) back in October 2005, so going to court in Arkansas makes no difference to us since we live in the UK.

No you didn't issue the warrants or the custody orders but YOU chose to ignore the proper procedures of the Hague Convention and go to court in Arkansas without my knowledge so therefore you ARE responsible for the warrant and the custody order. Stop trying to shift blame onto others.

If you managed to make it this far... Yes, I am only through the first paragraph. ONWARD.

♦  Mr Bobo writes: "I recently received information from the consulate that Jake has verbalized to a third party that he does not want to have contact with me... this saddens me greatly, I love Jake and Halle dearly. But, Jake is old enough now to make his own decisions on where he wants to live and who he wants to see. I will not pursue it any longer."

Yes Jake did verbalize to the Embassy staff that met with us, not a third party, that he did not want to have contact with you. And yes it is sad that your actions have caused this.

It's been MONTHS since Mr Bobo's response was posted on the guestbook and moved to this page.  So far there has been NO EVIDENCE of "I will not pursue it any longer".  In fact he his doing exactly the opposite!!  Make up your mind Mr Bobo!  You can't keep talking out of both side of your mouth. 

♦  Mr Bobo writes:  "Both children also verbalized to the consulate representative that they were unhappy that they didn't have passports to visit their family. I didn't approve the passports in the past to keep them in one place, not as a punishment."

Think very hard about what you said about the passport issue in court on October 31 2005.  And for the record their passports expired and you didn't have them cancelled as was reported in the THV interview.

My Source, who I can't reveal for obvious reasons, felt the need to inform me that in December 2005 the intention was for Mr Bobo to get the children for their Christmas visit, go to Clark County Court with an Emergency custody order and keep the children till their passports expired so that there would be no way I could bring the children back to the UK. This is why you would not sign the passport forms in 2005. My source is very credible.

♦  Mr Bobo writes:  "I don't want to keep them any longer from their extended family. I'm sure you have the address. At some point, when and if the children want to see my side of the family... alot of people that love them and miss them too... I hope and pray that you would help expedite their visits to see their father and their family here." 

There will be no reason to have US passports as long as there are active warrants and custody orders in the US.  In order to keep the children from being snatched and kept from their home in the UK we will have to forgo visits to the US.   





Here are a few things that need to be addressed :

Here are Mr Bobo's various responses to the passport issue

1)  From the WMC TV interview :

"Jacob and Halle Bobo are unable to visit other family in the states because their passports have expired. Chris Bobo says the FBI has advised him not to sign their renewal applications for fear his wife will take them elsewhere outside the country."

Is this the same FBI that was supposed to travel with you to the UK in order to take custody of the children back in 2006 using the approx $5,800 dollars of your children's child support money that the court so happily handed over to you without checking the legalities of what you were proposing? The same FBI that should have known that this scenario was completely illegal and against international treaties?  Was this why it didn't happen?  Release of Escrow

You refused to sign the passports in court on October 31st 2005.  There was no FBI involvement at that time.

Did the FBI also tell you that this is the European Union?  That we've lived here in England long enough to be Naturalized Citizens?  

2)  From Mr Bobo's Guestbook entry on this web site:

"Both children also verbalized to the consulate representative that they were unhappy that they didn't have passports to visit their family. I didn't approve the passports in the past to keep them in one place, not as a punishment. If you wish to send me the passport documentation, I will quickly sign and return to you. I don't want to keep them any longer from their extended family. I'm sure you have the address. "   (the letter is posted in the next section)

Here Mr Bobo offers to sign the passports ?!?!?!  Didn't the "FBI" tell you not to?  Why is he saying this in one published response and saying something totally different in the TV interview?

 3) From Mr Bobo's interview with Today's THV in Arkansas:  

"So Bobo started back at square one, writing the President, applying to the Hague Convention of International Abducted Children and canceling the kids' passports."

The passports expired, he did not cancel them.  Wait there's more...

4)  From Mr Bobo's guestbook entry in regard to the whole missing children charade:

"But, Jake is old enough now to make his own decisions on where he wants to live and who he wants to see. I will not pursue it any longer."

 So which is it Mr Bobo?  Keep up the missing children charade or not pursue it any longer??? 

If I'm confused, I can't imagine how the general public feels!


Back child support:

Mr Bobo now owes his children $37,679 in child support since he has NOT paid a penny to them since early 2006.  


Fraudulent Tax deductions:

Plus Mr Bobo has been deducting these two children on his tax returns since 2003 even though they have not lived with him since before the divorce in 2000.  The document he is using to do this had been altered AFTER it was signed by me so that he could deduct the children for a period of 1 year.  After Mr Bobo got the document signed, he proceeded to change the agreement to deductions for an indefinate period of time.  All the handwriting on the document is his except for my signature.  I will post that document as soon as it is scanned and ready.  


Mr Bobo has claimed over $51,000 in fraudulent tax deductions for a period of 7 years for Jake and Halle Bobo, who like I said before have NEVER lived with him since the divorce in 2001. 

Mr Bobo has conned the governent out of money, his children out of their child support, could it be at all possible that he has conned the Missing Child agencies, the Clark County Court and the Clark County Sheriff's Department???  Think about it....