We Are Not Missing

Report from the NCMC

Case Number: NCMC1057662

Circumstances: Halle and Jacob were allegedly abducted by their mother, Luanne Kay Bobo.

A felony warrant was issued for the abductor on June 22, 2006.

They are believed to have left the country and traveled to the United Kingdom.

Halle may speak with a heavy English accent. Jacob's front teeth are slightly crooked and he may speak with an English accent. His nickname is Jake.

The abductor has pierced ears, a scar on her lower abdomen, and small scars on her knees. Her nickname is Lu and she may use the last name Uttley.  (See NCMEC)


The felony warrant was for failure to appear and interference with visitation.  Funny that I didn't know about his court appearances.

The children were NEVER abducted. 

They were brought to DFW airport by Mr. Bobo to return to their home in the uk after a two week visit at his home.  (See May 2005 summer visit)  (See Vis

Accents would be normal since the children have legally lived in the UK since 2001.

Well, the reason I MIGHT be using the name UTTLEY would be because I was married in 2001 and Mr Bobo knows that and has known it since 2001!

Report from the Charley Project

Details of Disapearance

Jacob and his sister Halle disappeared from Arkadelphia, Arkansas on May 30, 2005. They were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Luanne Kay Bobo.  A photograph and vital statistics for Luanne are posted below this case summary.
The children's father, Chris Bobo, has full custody of them. After Chris and Luanne divorced, Luanne moved to the United Kingdom and remarried. Chris and Luanne worked out a regular visitation schedule.  Chris last saw the children in May 2005; their mother refused to return them to the United States after a visit. He last spoke to them in November 2005. He stated Jacob was crying and frightened during the conversation. A felony warrant was issued for Luanne on June 22, 2006, but the UK refuses to extradite her.
Chris has sent gifts to his children through the United States Consulate in the UK, and the consulate gives him updates on their well-being every six months. He is making active efforts towards their return to his care. Halle and Jacob's whereabouts are known, but they remain listed as missing because their custodial father doesn't have them. Their cases remain unsolved.
(See Charley Project Poster)  Two posters exist and notice how they have been changed recently.
There are some interesting points to make about this report. 
Firstly, they were never living in Arkansas with their father and haven't lived in Arkansas since June 2000.  They only came to Arkansas for court ordered visitation.
Funny enough, I was not in the United states in May 2005 and I can prove it, so how did I kidnap children that I had custody of? 
I have never been to an Extradition hearing and in conversations with the Embassy they said they do not extradite for failure to appear or interferance with visitation and custody. They along with everyone else say that he HAS to use the Hague convention to sort out all issues regarding the children and their welfare and NOT the Clark County Court which has no jurisdicion over international matters and no jurisdiction over the UK.
The Embassy has never received gifts for the children and has seen them only 3 times since 2005, NOT EVERY 6 months.
The children have never been in his care since the divorce and for a child to be the victim of a family abduction they have to have been removed from their habitual residence by the non custodial parent. The children have lived legally in the UK with me since 2001 and the UK is their Habitual Residence.  According to the UK authorities, I have had custody of the children since the divorce and until Mr Bobo comes to the UK and files through the Hague Convention, I still have custody.