We Are Not Missing

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Jacob Allen Bobo
Reported missing on: 2005-05-30
From: Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Status: Found / Resides in the UK


The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (USA) has issued a false alert and poster concerning this child, along with the child's sibling, claiming that they went missing from the United States in 2005 when, it is claimed, they were allegedly abducted by their mother, Luanne Kay Bobo (Uttley).

The American Center also quite helpfully notes that the children "are believed to have left the country and travelled to the United Kingdom". Moreover it is suggested that both of these children may be found to have "heavy English accents".

Honestly, it never ceases to amaze us how quickly children can learn to talk in all sorts of crazy ways, even though we know exactly how they learn to do so.

It's no big secret that a child learns to speak in a particular way by residing habitually in a place where he or she is exposed to that manner of speech day-in, day-out.

So, is it possible that the good people of Arkadelphia speak a solid Cockney, a Big Brother Geordie or perhaps something more posh? Not likely!

It turns out that these children have been living in the United Kingdom on a permanent basis since 2001, originally with the permission of their father and the Arkansas court that granted their parents' divorce, the mother having been granted their custody and care.

However, after a dispute over child support in 2004, the father's attitude towards his former wife and her new husband grew increasingly caustic. It does not appear that Mr. Bobo took any steps to negotiate with the children's mother, with an eye towards resolving whatever differences they may have had.

Instead it appears that Mr. Bobo took some very naughty lawyerly advice and headed right for the child support exit ramp, asking for and obtaining an ex parte change of custody order in Arkansas. This enabled him to send the hounds after his ex-wife and the mother of his children.

And... bingo! No more child support. Isn't the law wonderful?

The children's whereabouts in the UK have always been known to the father and to the American Embassy as well. Embassy staff have made three welfare checks on these children already, verified their residential situation, and confirmed that they are healthy and happy. In fact, the children's address was provided to the United States Department of State by the father himself, who visited his kids several times at their home in the UK before 2004.

Even Mr. Bobo himself now admits that his kids are not missing:

"Them being missing, no they're not missing."

Use of these children's pictures and personal information may be considered an invasion of their privacy and, clearly, no intervention by the general public is justified in this case.

Just to make our position even more apparent to those who are unwilling to hear it, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the BBC for its excellent radio interview of Lady Catherine Meyer, wife of the former British Ambassador to the United States. She also happens to be the founder of the British charity called PACT, whose mission is to locate and retrieve children who go missing. Lady Meyer's personal experience with parental child abduction, she says, led her to decide, along with the President and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (USA), Mr. Ernest Allen, to form an International Centre with the same focus.

Here is what Lady Meyer has to say about this case of missing child fraud and the position of the American Center with respect to it:

BBC:Is there one country that is maybe more difficult to deal with than another? Is it the States that are particularly bad here, because I'm kind of intrigued that the American National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are involved. That almost sort of gives it sanction, really, doesn't it?
Lady Meyer:That's... very strange. That's the one thing which is very, very strange in this story, because I know the International Centre and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children very well. We work with them. They are an incredibly good and helpful organisation. They are huge, and... that is strange... you know- if... if this case is not... but one doesn't know. Maybe the father did get custody without the mother knowing. It can happen. It should not happen, but it can happen, and I have heard of many cases of a parent going to court, applying for custody, and usually it happens in small towns and places where judges do not know about international law, and the mother is not informed. Or the father says, "We don't know the address of the mother, and this is an urgent matter." And so a judge transfers custody without letting the other parent know. And obviously that's very serious...

So, Lady Meyer, you're willing to imply that judges in small town Arkansas are, essentially, provincials -- or hicks, as the Yankees colourfully call them -- but you're not willing to unequivocally stand up and say that your chums in the USA are violating the most basic rights of these English children to their personality, as well as endangering them, by plastering their personal data without justification all over the Internet?

And yet, earlier in the BBC interview you state your shock:

Lady Meyer:... the one thing, for sure, is that it's not in the interests of the children. I mean, for children to be caught in situations like that is absolutely intolerable.

And, as the mother said, for the poor boy to, sort of, pick up the Internet and see a picture of himself, and his friends at school coming up to him and saying, "Ooh! I see. You're on the Internet, and you've been abducted."

Um... that can't be right. I mean, it is terrible.

Lady Meyer, we agree.

We call on you to commit to ending this terrible abuse of our children.

We call on you to publically declare your unabashed support for our cause.


copied from the NCMEC.EU Missing Child Fraud Database