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On Monday November 24th 2009 WMC in Memphis aired  a  feature story about us.  Here's the link to the story.


The video link has expired. I have embedded a copy of the story here.





  Here is a link for a website that is trying to tackle the problem of MISSING CHILD FRAUD. 


  Take a look.   



  September  15, 2009

BBC H&W has just broadcast a interview about my case. Thank you for the opportunity to be able tell     our story along with comments from Lady Catherine Meyer of PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together).

Audio of the interview is available, but I don't know for how long via this link.  (The Audio is now expired from the BBC webpage)

Listen to the interview here:

Pay close attention to Mr Bobo's last few sentences...


This is the follow up response from Lady Catherine Meyer from PACT



July 22, 2009

Thanks to the staff at Bella Magazine for their sensitive handling of a very complicated story and condensing it into a two page article.  Hopefully this article will bring to light how unscrupulous individuals can use and manipulate the legal system in order to bully and harass the very people it was designed to protect.


Thanks so much for everyone's messages of support.  As you can see we have had over 1000 hits in just a few days from 11 different countries.

Our site has recently received an e mail from a site owner who displays pictures of missing individuals and after reviewing this web site, has agreed to take the children's pictures and "missing" information off and replace it with our web address in order to spread the news about this case.