We Are Not Missing

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the children made up their minds years ago that they did not want to be forced to go back into that volatile situation and be involved in their father's drama. By their own admission, they don't want to have any kind of relationship with their father. In the meantime, my husband and I have endured having our characters publicly defamed and the safety of our children compromised.  For years, Mr Bobo has been informed as to procedures of how to get some sort of resolution to his issues and he ignores it, choosing to put his children's faces on Missing Children's Web sites, claiming that his children have been abducted and abused (to social services). He has chosen to further defame my character by lifting my photo off a networking site profile, presenting it to missing children's organizations, labelling me as a child abductor  and creating a tale of fictional proportions to aquire sympathy and glory for himself. If that wasn't enough, he then he appears on TV in order to gain even more attention for himself (because that's all it can actually achieve) instead of coming to the UK to sort things out. Sadly, these issues may be passed fixing because the more Mr Bobo does the more it strengthens his children's resolve as to their father's character or lack of it. Plain and simple, what little trust the children had in their father has been completely eroded (by his actions alone) and is most likely beyond repair.  

Mr Bobo has hurt too many people in an effort to shift the focus off of himself for a simple child support issue dated November 2004 and if he wants anyone to blame for this situation, it would have been a lot less traumatic for the children and everyone involved if he'd have just looked in a mirror.  

Mr Bobo may have wrongly concluded that I would never know about his TV interview or the reports to the missing children's web sites because of living in the  UK (legally) but fortunately I still have very loyal friends and family living in the US.